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Smooth Grid Professional Blogger Template

Smooth Grid Professional Blogger Template

Smooth grid professional blogger template

Smooth Grid Professional Blogger Template! Here is another free template for blogger. Smooth grid is a grid style blogger template designed by Templatemark. Smooth Grid blogger template is a fully SEO and Responsive designed blogger template. You can use this awesome template for any kind of modern blog. It is also a minimalist and clean blogger template with lots of features.

Smooth grid is highly designed for technology blog, Review blogs, Gadgets Showcase, Personal blog, Photography blog and who want make a high quality and professional blog with Blogspot. This blogger template is a very smooth and fast loading blogger template with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use this awesome template for any kind of Grid style blog. 

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This template had many incredible widgets and features like the sticky subscribe box widget, which will boost your email subscriber list rapidly.  Below are the main features of Smooth Grid free blogger template.

Features of Smooth Grid Professional Blogger Template

  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Drop down menu
  • Social Icons
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Ads Ready
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Related Posts
  • Subscribe Box
  • Author Box
  • Sticky Widget
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Google Comment
  • Search Box
  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Much more

Top 10 best Domain Name and Web Hosting Registrar

Top 10 best Domain Name and Web Hosting Registrar

In the world of blogging, everyone needs a custom domain name to be known and recognized by both people and search engines ( Google, Bing e.t.c). Many blogger find it hard in choosing a domain name for their brand, business and products due to the numerous domain name registrars on the internet, which provides great and attractive offers like, Cheap domain names, Web hosting, Cloud Storage and Custom Email Management, but this does not make them the best of all registrars out there.

Top 10 best Domain Name and Web Hosting Registrar

There are many key features of a registrar to be considered before hosting a domain name with them, this features are what makes them the best domain name registrar. Below are some key features to consider before choosing a domain registrar;

  • Instant 247 technical support
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing & Renewal Rates
  • Security
If you come across any domain name registrar lacking any of this features, then I don't recommend you purchase from them. Torns of domain name registrars put all the features on their website but it's just to attract customers, them provide less than what you see on their sites. Let me save you the stress by sharing the list of the top 10 best domain name registrars.

1. Hover

Hover might not be the cheapest domain registrar in the market, but they make it up for their customers by releasing numerous discount domain coupon codes. Another great thing about hover is that you get to speak with a real human and they help in domain transfer from other hosts. Their control panel and management tools are very clean and neat. Their great services earn them the first slot on the list.. You can see all of Hover's plans and pricing here.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the cheapest domain name registrars on the market. They also render great domain services too, like hove, Namecheap offers stellar customer support which get also everything done for you like, URL forwarding and Email management, and if you have some extra cash you can buy the advance service like SSL certificates and Dynamic DNS. You can see all of Namecheap's features here, and their plans and pricing here.

3. Gandi

Gandi has been the most longest and honest domain name registrar, and they are known for their no bullshit approach to domain name registration and renewal. They are very honest and open with their customers. Trust me, they won't sell you junks you don't need like some other registrars do. All these has earned them a big reputation and huge trust from their buyers. Also with Gandi, every domain registration gets 2 free hosted pages for your site, a free Gandiblog, a 1-year SSL cert for free, email services, and more. Here are all of Gandi's features and pricing.

4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost made its way on this list for being the most recommended web hosting company for WordPress Blogs. They are also known as the best domain registrar for buying domains. Their domain prices are pocket friendly as you can buy .com domain name for as low as $11.95/year. Only their web hosting packages is a little costly ($8.95 per month) but their services is worth it.

5. GoDaddy

Godaddy as at 1997 was established as a Jomax Technologies and now the world's largest domain Registrar with ICANN-accredited registrar. The most amazing thing about godaddy is that as a first timer you can buy .com domain name at 99cent. Only their hosting service is not so good nowadays, so buy domain name only from godaddy

6. BlueHost

BlueHost is a very popular WordPress hosting providers and the best domain name registrar on the internet.WordPress official developers do recommend it for wp sites. Are you planning to setup a WordPress website? Then this is absolutely the best hosting and domain registrar for you. Another amazing feature of BlueHost is that they offer a free domain name with hosting purchase and they also provide Cloud Hosting, shared and dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Domains, Site security and more at bargained price. Their customer support is 24/7 which make this company awesome.

7. 1and1

This is another one of the cheapest domain name registrars and well known best domain selling company. One of their great offers is that they offer a $1 domain name registration for the first year and exclusive discounts on web hosting plans. 1and1 Internet offers Linux and Windows hosting, Domain registration, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Email and E-commerce solutions.

8. InMotion Hosting

InMotionHosting has been awarded CNET-certified hosting for the last 14 years because of outstanding service, secure web transactions, and best business practices. They have A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and serving customer for many years. They are one of the hosts who provide SSD powered web hosting for all the hosting plans even for shared hosting at cheap rates.

InMotion offers webhosting, domain names registration, site building tools, and many useful things. They offer 90-days money back guarantee and 24/7 proactive support via live chat, skype, phone, email, and ticket system. If you feel unsatisfied with InMotionHosting services, get your money back.

If you’re looking for a fast hosting within budget, free domain name, free data backups, and unlimited data storage then give them a try.

9. HostGator

Hostgator is an excellent domain registrar and best WordPress hosting provider company at the lowest prices. This company had been recommended many times by various WordPress users and experts. It was founded in 2002. Their hosting plans are very affordable for new and old websites. You can purchase hosting as low as $4 ~ $5 per month with a free domain name. HostGator growing very swiftly and has a base of 9,000,000 websites hosted on their platform.
Give them a try, you will never regret your decision..

10. domain registrar isn't the cheapest, but they do have aggressive pricing plans, and fast and personable customer support. also offers "Domain Nabber" services to snag expired domains that may be relevant to your business or site, so if you want the .net to go with your .com, will give you the opportunity to snag it before anyone else does. They also offer domain suggestions to you when you register, in case the one you want is taken or unavailable.

Above is the top 10 lists of the best domain and web hosting registrar on the web. Is there any cheap and reliable domain name and web hosting registrar that is not listed above? Kindly notify us and share your experience on domain name and web hosting services too. 

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10 Vital SEO Steps to Take Before Publishing a Post

10 Vital SEO Steps to Take Before Publishing a Post

Wow!!  I know you just finished writing a killer article with lots of qualities, fresh ideas and engaging points which will interest your readers and you think after all the Researchs and Proofreading, it's time to hit the publish button.

I think you should wait a little and read this!!

Many bloggers makes this little mistakes and  later on their called quality contents doesn't drive huge traffic they expected to their blog, they start thinking, is something wrong somewhere? Why is my article having a  low click through rate in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) ?  Am I missing something? Of course you are. Their are some vital SEO steps to take before publishing a post you are missing out on.

Driving huge traffic to your blog from search engines doesn't only depends on writing a unique/ rich contents, it solely depend on how attractive your article title and description is. If he likes what he see, trust me he is going to check it out.

How can I make my content attractive?  Below I have decided to put up 10 vital SEO steps to take before publishing a post.

1. A Killer Post Title

70% faith of your blog been clicked in SERP is on your blog posts title. It doesn't matter how good and unique your contents or the rank of your post in Search Results, if your title fails to impress the user, trust me visitots will never click. I have seen many posts with less information driving more traffic than a very comprehensive posts, why?
Because only your title and description are shown on search results not your detailed article.
Below is an example of  two results from SERP on this keyword "Demo and Download Button"

Above is;
1. Add a Stylish Demo and Download Button To a Blogger Blog

2. Add Demo and Download button in Blogger

Out of this two search results, which one do you think will get more clicks? Of course it's the first one, only because of the word "stylish" makes it attractive and interesting therefore increasing the CTR ( Click through Rate)  of the post. So next time you are writing a great article make your titles very attractive, short and make use of adjectives.

2. URL Optimization

URLs play a very important role in SEO also. It is a must that you optimize your posts URL so that visitors can see what your article is about mere looking at the URL. Search Engines pays attention urls because it helps their bots to easily understand your content. Many bloggers using blogger platform doesn't pay much attention to URLs because blogger automatically generate a permalink for your posts, but do you most of your important keywords got cut off from the links because blogger automatically makes a permalink with the first 30characters?  The best option is to edit it, Optimize it with Keywords, keep it short, Simple and Unique.
Here is an example.

Post title : How To Add Page Title Tag to a Blogger Blog 

Blogger will automatically generate a url like:

Leaving out the important keyword " a Blogger Blog ". This URL is not thesame with the post title but we can make it perfect by editing it to;

Now you have successfully Optimized your URL by add the missing keyword "a blogger blog " to it. Now visitors and Search engines can quickly understand what your contents is above by just reading the URL. Don't forget to do this everytime before publishing a post/article

3. A Flawless Intro

Flawless introduction that attracts attention
Gif Credits to Giphy

Beginning an article with an amazing introduction will make your readers have more interest in what you want to offer. Your first paragraph must contain a unique intro and you must give your readers a little hint on what you are writing.  There are many ways of drafting a stunning intro. Below are some few examples;

  • Starting  with Questions: These is very common between both Proffessional and newbie bloggers. Starting an article with questions has a great impact in engaging your readers because it tells them indirectly what they are going to gain.
  • Tell a Little story: If you have experienced what you are writing before  why don't you share it with your readers. It'll make them understand that you really know what dey are passing through 
  • Start with an Interesting Quote: An amazing quotes can also do the trick. 
  • Practice the TFAW  (Think feel and Write) trick, I personally use this method in most of my articles and it never fails me. This is how TFAW works, you want to write an article that catch readers attention! Think of the problems they are facing, put yourself in that position and feel it now write what you think they are passing through. 

4. Add Beautiful Visuals (Images)

This is one of the part I love most. Look I have put up a detailed guide on how to Improve SEO with Image Optimization . Using lots of images in your blog posts is a good way to increase interest, excitement and creative. You just finished writing that great article, don't forget to add some cool photos that will make readers understand your article more. Here is a place where you can get amazing stock images for your blog posts. Take note, alway rename your images to related with the information shown in the picture.

We are writing about how to create a blog from scratch,

Avoid using an image with the name: Screenshots215.png, instead, you can rename the image name to : how-to-create-a-blog.png.

Now with the above filename search engines can easily understand what information you are passing through in your images.

5. Use Your Keywords in Image Name, Alt tag and Title tags

As I have said above that images increases attention, interest and excitement, but is that all it does?  No you can make them do more by adding Alt tag and Title tag attribute. Thousands of images are shown everyday on SERP each time someone search for a query. Alt tag and title tags are the things that makes google index your images and show them on Search results. In short, they are just a short description of your images.
<img alt="Add lots of visuals" border="0" height="332" src="" title="Add-images-to-your-posts" />
You can use some important keywords in the alt tags too,  to increase your rank in SERP. You don't know how to add Alt tag and Title tags?  Read this

6. Add Meta Description To Each Post.

Blogger has made everything much more easier by giving you the opportunity to add Meta description to each article you write. Meta description is a brief insight of what your content is about. This improves crawling rate as well. This option is located at the left side of your post section, just below the option tab.

If you can't find it, go to your blogger dashboard >> Settings >> Search Preference>>Then  enable the Meta Tag option. Now go back to your post and input a short and quick description of your article.

7. Link to Older or Related Posts

Before publishing a post, always try to link back to other related content you have written as this makes it easier for your readers to understand more and it is also a Pageview Propeller. As a blogger you should use this method to make your readers stay more longer on your blog. If your new article contains some keywords you have written a post on, you can interlink them together. Search engines also finds it very easy to crawl your contents by linking to older articles.  Make interlinking to older posts a must before clicking the publish button.

8. Easy and Simple Article Layout

What will you do if you come across an article of just 500words with no paragraph, heading and words highlighted in bold? Am sure you will lose interest immediately. Before writing an article, have a plan on how you want your contents to go.
Don't just write in Plain text, make use of the following.
  • Breakup your post into Paragraphs
  • Highlight important Keywords with Bold.
  •  Make use of Sub-headings and Minor heading
  • Underline Important Sentence.
Doing these will catch your readers attention and make them want to read every inch of your content. Don't forget to use colors as well.

9. Proofread your Article

We are always in a hurry to complete a post therefore we don't check for errors at first. It's a must you review and proof read your blog post before clicking the publish button. There are tons of online editing and proofreading services out there but some of them only look for errors in yours spellings not in grammatical errors. So I advise you read your content over and over again before publishing. Here is also a great tool that will help you out in finding both grammatical errors and wrong spellings. Here

10. Conclusion

After implementing all the above steps, your conclusion is the last chance you have to make your readers drop feedbacks and revisit the Next day, so don't spoil it. You should always conclude your article will a powerful sentence, which will contain your main title and a brief summary of your content in just few words. Ending an article with questions seems to be the best way to make visitors comment. So make sure you end up with a unique conclusion before hitting the publish button.

Final words: If you have not been doing some or all of the 10 vital SEO steps to make before publishing a post, it's time you start implementing them it your posts right away.

Am I missing a step out? What do you think about this vital SEO steps? Are the worth doing? 

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Best Mobile Browser for Bloggers and Web Developers (Opera Mini v30.0.185)

Best Mobile Browser for Bloggers and Web Developers (Opera Mini v30.0.185)

Many complaints of not being able to make the most out of their blogs has been coming in from bloggers operating on Mobile devices. I strongly recommend every blogger should get the Desktop Computer or a PC because it's the best in handling blogging issues but nevertheless not all bloggers are capable of acquiring a desktop computer which leaves them no choice than to fall back on Mobile devices, mostly smartphones.
Best Mobile browser for bloggers
One of the most important app a blogger must have is a good browser. There are bunches of mobile internet browser out there on the web but not all of them are a perfect match for blogging. I therefore bring to you today the Best Mobile Browser "Opera Mini v30.0.185"

I know when I said Opera Mini many bloggers will laugh and say, opera mini out of all mobile  web browser? You are wrong. The version of Opera Mini (v30.0.185) am sharing today is very unique and special, it was released back in 2014/15, I downloaded it then and decided not to update it because it is absolutely the best mobile browser,this has being one of my secret tools for blogging on Mobile devices. It is supper fast in speed and good for surfing the internet.

Below are the Important Features of Opera Mini v30.0.185 Mobile Browser

1.  Switch From Mobile version to computer version.

Choose to view in mobile or desktop view

With this version you can easily choose if you like to view a webpage in a Mobile view or desktop view. This is the most important feature for bloggers, as this Mobile browser  is the best for writing posts, editing templates codes and even view pages that are not supported on Mobile devices 

2. Onpage search button 

Search in file

Everyone knows how sweet CTR+ F is when searching for a word or code line on a computer.  Opera mobile web browser grant you the access to do Onpage Searching of words and code lines. This includes searching your template html codes

3. Opera Turbo Images

Reduce data used with turbo image

With this feature you can select the quality of images you want to see. Are you losing much data when surfing the internet? Then this is the best browser as it saves lots of data by helping you to optimize your images.

4. Block Pop-ups 

Block unwanted pop-ups

This apps provides an option of blocking pop-ups. Are you frastrated with those Pop-ups redirecting you? Opera mini web browser is the key. 

5. Save Pages Offline

Save page for offline

You can easily save and interesting page or an important page as offline, so you can come back and read at your leverage time even without using data. Cool isn't it??  
Are you ready to feel the speed of my secret web browsing tool?  Below is the download link of the Best Mobile browser for Bloggers and Webmasters.

Do not redistribute this Post without giving the proper credits to us

Author's Desk
I hope this App is of help you using Mobile devices to blog. There are many great things a simple android smartphone can do, only if we know the right applications to make use of. I won't want you to miss out in my next post. Stay close to us and keep visiting. 

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Hot Magazine Blogger Template

Hot Magazine Blogger Template

Hot Magazine is the minimalist Blogger magazine Theme, crafted with care and attention to detail. It includes a minimalist design, coupled with beautiful visual effects.

It has lots of different effects and layout modes which let you create the website easily. Hot Magazine is an excellent value Blogger themes for  Magazine, Newspaper and Blog websites. This theme has many incredible features. Below are the features of hot magazine.

Hot magazine responsive blogger template

Features of Hot Magazine

  • Responsive -
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Custom 404 Page
  • Fast Loading
  • Minimal
  • Magazine
  • Colourful
  • Ads Ready
  • Clean Layout
  • Simple Design
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Social Sharing
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Browser Compatibility

Experience the power of clean pictured magazine template with hot magazine responsive blogger template.
Sora Ads Responsive Blogger Template

Sora Ads Responsive Blogger Template

Every bloggers dream is to make money with Google Adsense, but wrong placement of ads will make you to keep earning cents. There are lots of blogger templates but just a little are ads optimized. One of this comes Sora Ads.

Sora Ads is a perfect ad optimized blogger theme for Adsense users and Affiliate Marketers to get high earnings through advertisements by increasing the click through rate(CTR). This excellent Adsense-ready template has very impressive layouts that let you insert the ads at the high-conversion places and gently push your audience to click them. We have also done the speed optimization feature and thus, you never need to worry about the loading speed of your site.

Have you been struggling to get higher CPC and more clicks on your blog? I recommend you try Sora Ads out, as everything is set out. Just place your ads and start earning big.

Do you have a template that is ad space optimized? You can share it with others through the comment section as I have shared Sora Ads. 

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How to Install Commentluv Plugin on Blogger Blogs

How to Install Commentluv Plugin on Blogger Blogs

Hello my fellow bloggers, today I will be writing on something more interesting, I will be writing on how to add a commentluv system to a blogspot blog.

How to install commentluv plugin on blogger

Previously there has been so many flaws in the way the default blogger comment system behave, it disappears sometimes or even fails to show up and it has been extremely frustrating to so many bloggers because they find this problem very hard to solve. Google has been rolling out so many updates on blogger in the past few years, like the introduction of the search preference tab, enabling users to use smileys in posts from the post section and so on, but they seem to care less about updating the look of default blogger comment box which has lead to we users finding alternatives. There are some many alternatives comment systems which engage and attracts users to leave a comment, some of them includes; Disqus, Google Plus and Facebook comment system. 
But wait that's not all!!

I discovered a great alternative tool called CommentLuv. This is a great commenting tool that boost comment rate of a blog and not only that, it adds more beauty to your blog.

What is CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a Plugin that was first brought to Wordpress. It is simply one of the best commenting system I have seen so far. Why? It's basically because it allows your content readers to comment on a post with their own link attached too. It's a very good and impressive backlink system used by many webmasters, because on every comment you make, you will also get a link back to your blog posts.

Cool isn't it??  Am very sure you love backlink, I do too and so is all other bloggers out their. This feature alone makes commentluv stand out, as everyone would love to comment on your blog.

Wait!!  Am I talking too much??

Let's get to know how to install commentluv plugin on blogger/blogspot blogs. Doing this on wordpress is a lot more easier, it can be done by just installing and activating the plugin. With blogger it's not much complicated, we just need to follow some simple procedures below.

1. Navigate your browser to

2. Signup and Create a new account. Now fill out your Personal information but make sure you write every thing accurately. After filling the form, don’t forget to tick “I want to install Intense Debate on my blog or website” then just press the Sign up button. After signing up login to your account and install IntenseDebate on your blog as shown below

Fill intensedebate sign up form

3. On the next page, fill in your Site name. Both blogspot domain and custom domain names are acceptable . An example is shown below.

4. Click on Next Step. Using a blogspot domain will automatically detect blogger platform but incase of custom domain, choose blogger from the list of platform listed as shown below.
Choose blogger platform

. After selecting blogger platform. Installation step appears. Now Goto your blogger dashboard and download a backup of your blog template then upload it by clicking the "Choose File" button on the installation page.

6. After uploading you will be given a full modified template code with IntenseDebate added, an example is shown below. Copy all the code given, then go to Edit Html on blogger and replace the previous code with the modified one or you can create a .xml file containing the modified code, then upload it on your blog. Now Click on "Configure this IntenseDebate account" go to your Intensedebate dashboard. On the bottom right side you can see your sites. Just click on the Moderate link of the site where you want to put InstenseDebate.

Copy and replace the modified template code

7. Now on your site’s dashboard, click Plugins on the left side, locate and activate CommentLuv from the list of plugins shown. Now you are done.

9. Visit any blog post on your blog and see commentLuv plugin live and active in your comment section.

Commentluv is one of the most popular wordpress plugin and commenting system. Thanks to, blogspot blogs can enjoy this plugins too. This plugins is the best comment system for blogspot users so far. Commentluv also have a spam protection system.  Kindly for the above steps to install commentluv plugin on blogspot blogs. 

Do you find this helpful?  Take 8sec to drop a comment and share this with your friends on social media.  Happy blogging..