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Blue APK Blogger Template Free Download

Many people choose other blogging platforms over blogger due to the ability to add many professional plugins and widgets that blogger could not, but blogger can do a unique work than you can ever imagine of if you know how to tweak the right codes.

Today I bring to you Blue APK Blogger template.  Blue APK is a well designed Responsive and Mobile Friendly blogger template mainly created for your apps and games download blog. If you have been thinking of creating an Android App and Game download website, this is the best Blogger Template suitable for it.

Blue APK is a 100% responsive and SEO optimized which makes your blog look more professional. It also comes with amazing features like;

Featured Apps and Featured Games
BlueAPK is designed with great widgets. One of which is the Featured Apps widgets and Featured Games widget. This two widgets can show up to 8 posts each on the front page, which means favourite apps and games can be pushed to the homepage for easy access by the visitors. It's really adds beauty to your blog and make look more professional.

Grid Style App Showcase

Every apps and games on this template is designed to show in a grid Style. Showing posts in grid style is an amazing feature, especially on the latest apps and games widgets, a download button is attached to each post.

Facebook and Blogger Comment box

This template is equipped with two comment box. Which means you can decide to choose to use Facebook comment or default blogger comment box. This make things very much easy for visitors that is not signed in to Gmail to comment with the Facebook Comment System.

All I can just say is that, Blue APK blogger template us just amazing. See the list of the full features below;
Blue Apk Full Features

  • 100% Responsive (Check)
  • SEO Optimized (Check)
  • Grid Style display 
  • Featured Apps and games widgets
  • Recent Post widgets 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Social share buttons 
  • Related posts 
  • Facebook comment 
  • Google Playstore and Download buttons
    Keep visiting to receive more of the best well designed mobile responsive blogger templates. If our posts are of any help to you, don't forget to drop comments and keep sharing us on social media. 
    Happy blogging..... 

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