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Improve SEO with Image Optimization

Image optimization  is one of the most important part of SEO. In order to improve the SEO of a blog ,  Image optimization plays a vital role. When a blog is submitted to google webmaster tools and search engines start to index your blog pages and posts, they don't focus only on your blog content. They also examine your images. You have a higher chance of getting your blog content on top in search results if your images are well optimized and SEO friendly.

Sometimes we think less about the importance of well optimized images. One image can represent the whole information in a blog or page, multiple descriptions can not do this work successfully. The most important factor of onpage optimization is image optimization. Images are a strong visual component of a webpage. They say that a ‘Picture represents a thousand words’.

The number of blog keep growing rapidly each day, everyone owns a blog now, but 80% of these blog owners do not know the effect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For you to rank high more than the other bloggers out there, you have to improve your SEO, as said above Image optimization plays a big role in boosting SEO.

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Today, I will be dropping a tutorial on how to optimize your blog images to improve SEO. In this tutorial i shared all part of blogger image optimization. Carefully follow below all steps.

Rename Image in Relevance to Post ;

Rename your image with the title of your post. Making your post title the title of your image is very important for search engines in indexing your posts. It is wrong using default image names like "sketchbook1432.png" as this does not relate in anyway with the information in the image.

For example:

A post titled "How to Blog", rename your image with "how-to-blog". Separate keywords with hyphen "-".

Image Relevance;

Image relevance is  important when it comes to image optimization for SEO. Imagine seeing an image of a Car on a page taking about Aeroplane, it makes no sense. I know its common sense but this step is so important that I just can’t miss it out. Use right and well relevance image in your every post. Then search engine's robot and user can easily grab what your post is about.

Minimizing Image Size;

Minimizing image size do not only improve SEO of a blog, it also increase the page load speed. Therefore, minimizing image size is very crucial in image optimization for SEO.

How can I minimize the size of my images?

There are many online and offline image compression softwares out there, choose one of them and make good use of it. The most suitable size of images should be 50KB downwards. This will help in improving your SEO.

Right Use Of Title and Alt Text;

Alt text and title text is also important in image optimization. When an image is taking too long to load or the image does not load at all, the alt tag is showed just for the readers to understand the image without seeing the real image. Title text is for search engines robot. When search engines robot is indexing your page then the robot can easily understand your image's title tag.

Use "Save for Web or Create for Web" in Photo editors.

Most of bloggers uses Photoshop, Autodesk and Coreldraw for making your post image. When you want to create your image always use the "Save for Web or Create for Web option" This option helps in optimizing your image size without any lose of quality. Don't forget to always use this option when creating an image, it helps a lot in image optimization for SEO.
This post is good for the newbie bloggers out there that know less about SEO. if you have any questions or about other SEO tips, feel free to ask through the comment section.

If you find our posts helpful then don't forget to comment and keep sharing our post with your friends. Happy blogging…..

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