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Best Mobile Browser for Bloggers and Web Developers (Opera Mini v30.0.185)

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Many complaints of not being able to make the most out of their blogs has been coming in from bloggers operating on Mobile devices. I strongly recommend every blogger should get the Desktop Computer or a PC because it's the best in handling blogging issues but nevertheless not all bloggers are capable of acquiring a desktop computer which leaves them no choice than to fall back on Mobile devices, mostly smartphones.
Best browser for bloggers

One of the most important app a blogger must have is a good browser. There are bunches of mobile internet browser out there on the web but not all of them are a perfect match for blogging. I therefore bring to you today the Best Mobile Browser "Opera Mini v30.0.185"

I know when I said Opera Mini many bloggers will laugh and say, opera mini out of all mobile  web browser? You are wrong. The version of Opera Mini (v30.0.185) am sharing today is very unique and special, it was released back in 2014/15, I downloaded it then and decided not to update it because it is absolutely the best mobile browser,this has being one of my secret tools for blogging on Mobile devices. It is supper fast in speed and good for surfing the internet.

Below are the Important Features of Opera Mini v30.0.185 Mobile Browser

1.  Switch From Mobile version to computer version.

Choose to view in mobile or desktop view

With this version you can easily choose if you like to view a webpage in a Mobile view or desktop view. This is the most important feature for bloggers, as this Mobile browser  is the best for writing posts, editing templates codes and even view pages that are not supported on Mobile devices 

2. Onpage search button 

Search in file

Everyone knows how sweet CTR+ F is when searching for a word or code line on a computer.  Opera mobile web browser grant you the access to do Onpage Searching of words and code lines. This includes searching your template html codes

3. Opera Turbo Images

Reduce data used with turbo image

With this feature you can select the quality of images you want to see. Are you losing much data when surfing the internet? Then this is the best browser as it saves lots of data by helping you to optimize your images.

4. Block Pop-ups 

Block unwanted pop-ups

This apps provides an option of blocking pop-ups. Are you frastrated with those Pop-ups redirecting you? Opera mini web browser is the key. 

5. Save Pages Offline

Save page for offline

You can easily save and interesting page or an important page as offline, so you can come back and read at your leverage time even without using data. Cool isn't it??  
Are you ready to feel the speed of my secret web browsing tool?  Below is the download link of the Best Mobile browser for Bloggers and Webmasters.

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Author's Desk
I hope this App is of help you using Mobile devices to blog. There are many great things a simple android smartphone can do, only if we know the right applications to make use of. I won't want you to miss out in my next post. Stay close to us and keep visiting. 

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I will try it out
Nice one


Hello prezzy,
It's good to have you here... Thanks for stopping by... Keep visiting


Nice one , weldone how ever I av a question to ask you and here is it can one self host a blog on mobile if yes can you inbox me some of the tools involve


Yes. As for blogger you can own and operate a blog through a smartphone.

There are no compulsory tools for operating a blogger blog on smartphones but there are some apps that make blogging much more easier on smartphones. I will dedicate my next post to that.


Wow! Admin thanks for sharing this kinda Article

But I'm unable to download it... It redirecting me to... Oul.. Shorten url


Yes.. After that you will see the download link or visit the direct download link here


Pls. I want to share this post. [Redistribute]


Okay, make sure you give us a credit link back at the end of your post.

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