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Top 5 Must Have Widgets For Every Blogger 2016

Creating a blog is a simple task but making the visitors stay more longer on your articles without clicking away and wish to come back over and over again each day is the real business every blogger should strive to be successful in.

It is true that content is king but what is the joy in a rich content that gas no reader due to poor design? To make visitors stay longer and wanting to explore your blog, you must feed their eyes with a unique design with well equipped widgets. If a visitor realize that your blog is Proffessional, they will not before bookmarking your blog.

But how can I find this widgets? You don't need to worry below I have put up a list of must have widgets and customizations that will make your blog look professional and stands out from all other competitors. 

1. Popular Post with Auto Numbering 

Popular Post with Auto numbering is a blogger widget effective enough to increase your pageviews and make readers stay long on your blog by showing them some recent post and trending posts. A little changes us made to this widgets using CSS3 to show your threading post with Numbers. An example of this widget is shown above. 

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2. Demo and Download Buttons

A demo and download button is a must have widgets for every blogger as it improves your blog's beauty. They will save you the stress of putting links on a plain text. Here is a beautiful CSS3 demo and download buttons with css3 animation effects created with Css3 and Html. The effect on the buttons is created using the CSS transition and border-bottom properties. There are two gradients used basically, one is css3 transition and the other one is border-bottom on hover to make the effect more nicer.

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3. Prism Syntax Code Highlighter

Prism syntax colored code highlighter stands out of all the syntax widgets available on the web with is Clean UI and amazing features. Syntax Code highlighter is a must have widgets for every blogger running a blogging tutorial blog or niche that involves code sharing. It is used to highlight different types of codes ( JQuery, CSS, Html and Javascripts) in a simple box with different color applied. It makes your codes look different from normal blog font.

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4. Customize Sub-heading and Minor heading

Using header tags are very important in adding beauty to a blog. Implementing this will not only ease in reading for users but also fasten content crawling by search engine bots. Search engine spiders can easily understand your content with the aid of header tags. Here is a list of 5 amazing styles for customizing your sub-heading(H3) and minor heading (H4) tags. I bet this will make your blog looks more professional and clean. A live example is on this post.

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5. Installing a Flying Twitter Bird.

Twitter  is one of the most popular and fast rising social media network today.  You can drive a very huge traffic to your blog through twitter, the more active followers you have the more traffic you will get. Getting more followers on twitter is the first priority of every blogger hoping to drive huge traffic from twitter and to do this you need to add a twitter widgets on your blog. There are many ways of increasing twitter followers, adding a flying twitter bird stands out as it will gain your readers attention which will greatly improve your twitter followers.

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Are we missing out something? Do let us know if you are using a blogger widget that will be very helpful to others. There is no harm in sharing... Don't forget to drop your feedback and keep sharing with your friends.

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