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Update : Blogger Now Support Emojis in Post Sections

There are many free blogging site nowadays and each of them are improving the system to suite their users in every way, blogger is not left apart. Blogger has improved alot in the past few years, their last update was the introduction of the search preference tab. Today blogger has taken another step forward too by introducing the new set of emoji icons on the post section. 

In my previous post I discussed about how to add a cute smiley reaction buttons to a blogger blog using vicomic, but using emoji smileys in a blogger blog has been much now with this new update. You can easily use smileys icons when writing your post to show your feelings and impressions.

Also, this update doesn't only contain free smiley face but it also contains some amazing symbols. You can easily search for a symbol or smiley by typing it's name in the search box or by drawing a sample of how the symbol looks like.

I don't know if you noticed this new update too, but for me it's cool. Follow the below steps to use this new update.

⚫ As usual, Login to your Blogger Dashboard 
⚫ Click on Create a New Post
⚫ Now on the post section locate and click on a smiling smiley face just at the right side of the upload video icon.

It's great to know that blogger is also trying it's very best in satisfying it's users by improving it's interface. This is a very good improvement, I am very curious to know what the next improvement on blogger will be, are you curious to know too? Or what improvement do you think blogger needs to make? Tell us through the comment section.

It takes only 5seconds to share this new update with your friends on social media, don't hold back. 

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