Update : Blogger Removed View Blog Button from Blogger dashboard!!!😰 - Fancybloggertricks

Update : Blogger Removed View Blog Button from Blogger dashboard!!!😰

- 10:10:00 PM
Few days ago, blogger platform has been rolling out some really cool updates, the last update I discovered was the introduction of Emojis in Post Sections. Blogger has roll out another update again, if you noticed, the View Blog Option on Post section, layout tab and dashboard is gone. Blogger has removed the View Blog Button.
Blogger Removed View Blog Button from Blogger dashboard

I noticed this some days ago when I was trying to publish a post. Personally I think  removing the View Blog option is a very bad idea. The View Blog Button makes everything much more easier as you can easily see any changes made on your blog by just clicking the View Blog Button straight from your blogger dashboard. 

To make things more easier for you guys I gather a list of shortcuts you can use to view your blog from the blogger dashboard. They are listed below;

1. Go-to your Layout Tab>>Click on Save arrangements, then quickly click on the View Blog link on the notification bar, before it vanish.

2. From your dashboard, click on Posts, then on the lists of published posts there will be a view button below each post. You can use this method to view every posts on your blog too.

3. Or you can just open your blog address in a new tab and keep refreshing as you make changes to your blog.

Nevertheless, blogger has made this decision, what will the next update be? Will it be favourable like the introduction of smileys in the post section or as annoying as the removal of view blog option? Let's here your thoughts through the comment section.

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noticed from http://www.maxisaso.tk


It was before, but joyfully blogger updated their entire dashboard, which includes adding the View Blog Button back.


I used to blog with blogger. It's a great platform to start out on though, but I felt it didn't provide enough flexibility for my needs.


i have a feeling its back now.. i use wordpress tho i think its much more user friendly


Thanks for sharing this, i didn't even realise. I wondered whether you knew how to fix errors where your blogpost isn't showing up on commentluv or google? x


Yes @Elizabeth, I agree with you, but blogger is trying it's best to improve the flexibility of their platform. Blogger is a good place to start as you have said above and you can still do some cool stuffs, if you are good in coding bt if you are planning something big with little coding knowledge, it will always be hard with blogger.

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Yeah it's back... Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks Rachel.... Stay with us..


Hello Isabella, thanks for your feedback. About commentluv not showing up on your blogspot Blog there are many fix you can try out.

1. Visit your feeds in any browser and make sure they are working fine.

2. Also make sure your feed URL is correctly placed in your template header.

3. If all this still doesn't work, I suggest you revert back to your previous template backup and try adding commentluv all over again.

I hope I helped??


Admin please I need this template.... Or visit my blog designed at www.nairaloadit.blogspot.com.ng

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Thanks for your feedback Alaoma.

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