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How to Install Commentluv Plugin on Blogger Blogs

Hello my fellow bloggers, today I will be writing on something more interesting, I will be writing on how to add a commentluv system to a blogspot blog.
Previously there has been so many flaws in the way the default blogger comment system behave, it disappears sometimes or even fails to show up and it has been extremely frustrating to so many bloggers because they find this problem very hard to solve. Google has been rolling out so many updates on blogger in the past few years, like the introduction of the search preference tab, enabling users to use smileys in posts from the post section and so on, but they seem to care less about updating the look of default blogger comment box which has lead to we users finding alternatives. There are some many alternatives comment systems which engage and attracts users to leave a comment, some of them includes; Disqus, Google Plus and Facebook comment system. 

But wait that's not all!!

I discovered a great alternative tool called CommentLuv. This is a great commenting tool that boost comment rate of a blog and not only that, it adds more beauty to your blog.

What is CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a Plugin that was first brought to Wordpress. It is simply one of the best commenting system I have seen so far. Why? It's basically because it allows your content readers to comment on a post with their own link attached too. It's a very good and impressive backlink system used by many webmasters, because on every comment you make, you will also get a link back to your blog posts.

Cool isn't it??  Am very sure you love backlink, I do too and so is all other bloggers out their. This feature alone makes commentluv stand out, as everyone would love to comment on your blog.

Wait!!  Am I talking too much??

Let's get to know how to install commentluv plugin on blogger/blogspot blogs. Doing this on wordpress is a lot more easier, it can be done by just installing and activating the plugin. With blogger it's not much complicated, we just need to follow some simple procedures below.

1. Navigate your browser to

2. Signup and Create a new account. Now fill out your Personal information but make sure you write every thing accurately. After filling the form, don’t forget to tick “I want to install Intense Debate on my blog or website” then just press the Sign up button. After signing up login to your account and install IntenseDebate on your blog as shown below
3. On the next page, fill in your Site name. Both blogspot domain and custom domain names are acceptable . An example is shown below.

4. Click on Next Step. Using a blogspot domain will automatically detect blogger platform but incase of custom domain, choose blogger from the list of platform listed as shown below.

. After selecting blogger platform. Installation step appears. Now Goto your blogger dashboard and download a backup of your blog template then upload it by clicking the "Choose File" button on the installation page.

6. After uploading you will be given a full modified template code with IntenseDebate added, an example is shown below. Copy all the code given, then go to Edit Html on blogger and replace the previous code with the modified one or you can create a .xml file containing the modified code, then upload it on your blog. Now Click on "Configure this IntenseDebate account" go to your Intensedebate dashboard. On the bottom right side you can see your sites. Just click on the Moderate link of the site where you want to put InstenseDebate.

7. Now on your site’s dashboard, click Plugins on the left side, locate and activate CommentLuv from the list of plugins shown. Now you are done.

9. Visit any blog post on your blog and see commentLuv plugin live and active in your comment section.


Commentluv is one of the most popular wordpress plugin and commenting system. Thanks to, blogspot blogs can enjoy this plugins too. This plugins is the best comment system for blogspot users so far. Commentluv also have a spam protection system.  Kindly for the above steps to install commentluv plugin on blogspot blogs. 

Do you find this helpful?  Take 8sec to drop a comment and share this with your friends on social media.  Happy blogging..

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