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Gsmarena Clone Script

Some months back I shared a gsmarena like and phonearena like free blogger template for those running on blogspot blogs but today I will be sharing a Mobile Phone Script, which is a clone of gsmarena theme.

Have you been dreaming of starting your own mobile phones review site like but you can't find the perfect design? The search is finally over as I bring to you Mobile Phone Script created by, which is a perfect clone of Gsmarena website.

Sora Cart E-commerce 
Gsmarena Like Blogger Template

Add Mobile Phone / Mobile Brand

In this script you can easily add, delete or modify Mobile brands and Mobile phones detailed specifications with photos right from the administrator Panel.

Add Mobile Phones Reviews

Also in the admin panel you are provided with an advanced text editor which enables you to add/modify product reviews and informations for both new and existing phone from database.

Add Mobile Phones News

The advanced text editor allows you to add phone news to each phones on your website. You can also set tags on each news published and an image thumbnails for each of them right from the admin panel.


Ability to Compare is one of the unique features of this script that makes it the best gsmarena like script. With this feature you can compare two mobiles specifications head to head just as it is on

SEO Ready

Gsmarena like script is highly optimized for search engines like Google by creating Meta title, Meta description and keywords automatically for every pages available on the website. Which means all your products will be live and running on Google Search Results. Also create .htaccess mod rewrite for phone details pages, news pages, reviews pages and brand pages.

Visitors Comments

Users can easily place their comment or add their personal review with facebook comment box on;
  • Phone Details Page
  • News Page
  • Review page
  • and other pages...

Ads Space Ready

You can easily make money with your website by placing Google ads or other ad networks advertisements in the ad spaces provided on this script. You can sell ad spaces also.

Easy Installation.

This script is very easy to install and you can get your product review website up and running online in just 5minutes. All you are required to do is to edit the settings file,  upload the files and tables into your database. Plus: more than 3600+ phones with full specifications and images are included in the script as seen in the demo. You just need to import them.

Server Requirement

– PHP 5
– MySql Database
– .htaccess support

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