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Best 10 Online Tools To Test Site Loading Speed

The number of websites keep increasing tremendously on the internet day by day, which makes running a successful blog a very hard job. A smartblogger needs to work on how to stand out and rank higher in SERP, therefore focusing on things like Unique design, Traffic, SEO, earnings and getting new visitors to keep topping the game with their competitors. Keeping a fast website loading speed should not be left out as well. Today I will be sharing top 10 online tools to test website loading speed.

A slow website tends to lose traffic due to slow site loading, rank lower in search engine results (because google cares for it's users and always list the fast website with high user experience first), experience high bounce rate (because visitors will just take what they want and bounce up knowing well that opening another page takes forever to load). It's recommended to maintain a faster website.

Best 10 Online Tools the Test Site Loading Speed.

There are many online tools to test website loading speed but today I decided to list 10 site speed tester I use.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Tools

Google PageSpeed insights tool is an online website speed testing tools which test and analyze a website across both mobile and desktop devices and give grades score ranging from 1 to 100 according to their performances. The higher your score the more your site is optimized and user friendly. PageSpeed give reports on both desktop and mobile version on your website while it also gives recommendations on how to improve your site loading speed such as Minifying Css and Javascript, Optimizing Images, Leveraging browser catching and so on.

PageSpeed Insights measures how the page can improve its performance on:
  • time to above-the-fold load: Elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page and to the moment the above-the-fold content is rendered by the browser.
  • time to full page load: Elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page to the moment the page is fully rendered by the browser.

2. Gtmetrix

Gtmetrix is one of the best tools for measuring website speed. I personally love using this tool because it checks Google PageSpeed Score, Website load time and YSlow metrics. Similar to google PageSpeed insights tools, GTmetrix also grade your site from F to A and gives reports in five sections which includes PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall, Video and History.

3. Pingdom

is also a popular website speed test tools on the net to check and test for website speed from four different locations including

  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • San Jose, California, USA
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Pingdom speed test tools offers additional informations like Page Size Per Domain, page size by content type, numbers of request per domain etc. They also provide more optimization speed to help increase wep page loading speed. 

4. Varvy Pagespeed Optimization

Varvy Pagespeed Optimization is an online tool developed by Patrick Sexton, he also created Moz Local. Varvy tool test PageSpeed and give reports on pages speed, javascript usage, css delivery, etc.

With varvy PageSpeed tool at hand you can easily fix various critical issues relating to slow loading webpage following Patrick's detailed documententions on site optimizations for higher loading speed.

5. Site Relic

Site Relic's Speed testing tool let you test a site from 9 different locations globally across mobile and desktop devices.

It also gives essential metrics on tested webpage, including;
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) 
  • Fully loaded time 
  • Number of requests 
  • Full page screenshot
  • Resolving IP Address

6. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is also similar to gtmetrix website speed analyzer and some other tools but WebPageTest test website speed from over 40 locations and over 25 browser's (desktop and mobile browsers).

This tool gives rich diagnostic information which includes;

  • Multi-step transactions
  • Video capture
  • Content Blocking
  • Loading Waterfall charts
  • Page Speed Optimization checks and how to improve it.

Like GTmetrix, your site get graded from F to A based on different tests passed or failed, such as Caching, Compression, Image Optimization, FTTB, effective use of cdn, etc. 

There is more to it;

WebPageTest also runs first view and repeat views. Which means you can easily diagnose the causes of your first time dns delay. They also manage this awesome image optimization tool you should try out.

7. Website Pulse

Website Pulse is also a popular page loading speed test tool that let you run a test from New York, Munich, and Melbourne. It also gives Image, Java and flash chart reports on the following;
  • Request status
  • Connect time
  • First byte time
  • Last byte time
  • Request size

8. UpTrends

Uptrends is a basic speed test tool that can run website speed test from over 35 locations around the globe. Up trends gives reports on waterfall breakdown and domain groups.

9. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a simple website speed analyzer that gives a grade from 0 to 100 based on site loading speed. You can send loading speed test results straight to your email as well.

They also manage some good SEO tools you might want to try out.

10. SUCURI Load Time Tester

Sucuri Load Time Tester let you easily test your website performance from different locations around the globe. This tools gives a global performance grade of your site, ranging from F to A. Sucuri load time tester measures how long it takes to completely load your site and time to load first byte.

Faster website rank higher in search results and also improve user experience on your site. I hope you are able to measure and optimize your website speed with the above 10 Online tools to test site loading Speed.

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