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Top 8+ Best Event Blogger Templates For Event Blogging

Event blogging keep evading the online world day by day and the numbers of new event bloggers seeking for best event blogger templates keep increasing tremendously. So today i decided to share top 8 best blogger template for event blogging.

Choosing a perfect event blogging theme should not only be about beauty and design, the are more factors attached to choosing a blogspot template for event blogging. Generating huge revenue is the primary aim of an event blog, while using a bad blogger template might make you lose search engine rank and website visibility which means No Rank, No Traffic and No Income. therefore a suitable event blogger template must posses the follow features;
  • Blogger template should be attractive and straightforward.
  • It should be very SEO friendly.
  • Your template must be super fast
  • You must avoid heavy widgets, codes, scripts and customization but keep it clean
  • Blogger template should be responsive.
  • Your blog template design matters first in the Event blogging. It is the only way to attract the first time readers.
I am sure you have heard about event blogging and what it means? of course, that was why you landed here in the first place right? There are many posts on blogger templates for event blog but most of them contains old and outdated blogger template. there are still some good ones from these templates but there are new premuim blogger templates for event blogging in 2017. Today i am sharing 10 event blogging blogger template for blogspot bloggers..

1# Evently Professional Blogger Template

Evently Professional Event Niche Blogger Template is a high quality and professional event niche blogger template for event blogger and event planners. This template is a highly optimized blogger template for event  blogging. It has all the features an event blogging design needs, packed in. From fast loading to Mobile responsiveness, to SEO Friendly. Evently is also an Adsense ad optimized blogger template with many ad space that will improve CTR. This is a perfect blogger template for an event blogger planning to start an event blog.


2# Hola Event Blogging template

Hola Event Blogging template is an highly recommended blogspot template with 3 column layout for event blogs. This template is highly responsive and seo optimized. Hola event template has multiple Ad spaces on sidebar and header for adsense ads, and many other ads. This will help you to improve Click Through Rate and maximize your earning.

#3. Apriezt v2.1 Event Blogging Template

Apriezt is a unique magazine blogger template similar  to a magazine wordpress theme called ColorMag. Many event bloggers seems to avoid using magazine blogger templates because they want to keep their event blogs search engine friendly and super fast, but Apriezt is unique. This template is mainly focused on SEO. With Apriezt, you don't have to worry about OnPage SEO and easy ranking while enjoying your blog live on a magazine style as well. This template also has inbuilt widget to insert ads too.

Main Features of Apriezt Event Blogging Template:
  1. Responsive layout (Full & Boxed)
  2. Ajax Page Navigation
  3. Support Mega Menu
  4. 3 Comments(Blogger,FB, Disqus)

#4. Maya - Best Blog Style Blogger Template

Maya Blogger Template is another high quality and professional blog style blogger template perfect for an event blogspot blog as well. Maya is an highly optimized blogger template for any blog site running on Blogspot platform. Maya is Super fast, Simple and well SEO optimized. Are you planing to create a event blogging blog? then Maya is worth trying out.


#5.  Frontier Event Blogging Template

Frontier blogger template is one of the best event blogger template out there, but talking about physical appearance? Frontier isn't catchy, stylish, elegant and beautiful like the other event  blogging theme out there. But speaking of Fast Loading, Lite and well Optimized Codes, and SEO, this template is worth being the best event blogspot template.

#6 Copy Blogger v2 Event Blogging Template

Copyblogger is an event blogspot theme with two menu containers and boxed layout just like a Genesis Wordpress theme. This template has a unique design and highly compatible with search engines algorithms. Copy Blogger is also fast loading which makes it suitable for an event blog.

#7. Elice Event Blogger Templates.

Elice is also a simple and effective blogger template perfect for an event blogspot blog. This blogger theme has been used on many top blogs like, IFITSEO  and has yielded some great results. Below are the main features of  Elice Event blogger template

  1. SEO Optimized
  2. Fast loading Theme
  3. Opt-in form on home page
  4. Responsive Navigation Menu
  5. Custom About me widget
  6. Beautiful and clean Design
  7. Responsive Theme Layout
  8. Elegant look

#8. Siril Blogger Template for Event Blogging

Siril Blogger template is a simple blogger template perfect for an event blog. Siril is one of the fastest  event blogspot theme having a whooping score of 90/100 in Google Pagespeed Test. Google uses website loading speed as a ranking factor this days, which means using this theme will help you rank your event blog higher in SERP

Above are the top 8 best blogger template for event blog, i hope you find the one that suites your event blog. Don't hesitate to share, if you have any other blogger template that can be used for an event blog. Stay tuned and keep sharing......

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