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Google Has Rolled Out New Web UI Update for Gmail

Gmail is the most popular and used Emailing Service in the world developed by Google as far back as April 1, 2004. Since then gmail has been trending all over the internet and has been recieving tons of updates and improvements to please its users. Recently google rolled out a new Web UI update.

There has been an improvement in the appearance of Gmail compared to the previous look. This new design seems way better than the previous one in every aspect. Google mail now looks more cleaner with the integration of Google's Material Design and the use of  Google's Product Sans font.

Not only the design was updated, there are many more new features added to make gmail more easier and secure to use for its users. Part of these new improvements are the ability for users to view attachments like photos and documents without having to open a conversation. Also, there is Confidential mode added which allows the sender to set an expiration date for a sensitive email or to revoke it entirely. Most of all a snooze button to delay emails to read later.

That's not all, in the latest updates there is a sticky menu on the right side of the screen where users can easily access other frequently used Google services like Google Calender, Tasks, GooglePlus and Maps. You have to try this new look out to discover more of the new features added..

All users are giving the access to the new updated gmail but unfortunately, it looks like the new updated UI design is not automatically applied to replace the old look. Which means users are given the option to switch to use the new look..

Google has been pulling this appearance updates for days now and I'm very happy to tell you that the wait is over. To see the look and feel of the newly updated gmail follow the below procedures..

1. Simply Login to your Gmail Account Inbox

2.Then Click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and select Try the new Gmail just like below...

Kudos to Google Developers for pushing this new update out. Google Gmail now appears to be more Compact, Clean and Soft, and with a composite keyboard using a oval-style material design added. It is more easier to use compared to the previous version, all thanks to Google.

The question now goes to you,

1. How do you see the new look of Gmail?
2. Do you prefer the new updated Gmail to the previous one.
3. Are they some other new features added that I have not mentioned? 

Do let me know through the comment section, keep sharing to your friends. Until we meet again......

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