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How to Enable Search Description on Blogger Post Section

Hitting the first page on search results is not an easy task and require applications of many SEO technics. One of it is writing a well optimized meta search description for blogger post. You can easily add search description in blogger post section but sometimes this feature is nowhere to be found. So today I'm going to show how to enable search description on blogger post section.

What is Search Description

Search Description is a short summary of text shown below a blog post on search result pages. Mostly, on blogger the search description automatically contains the first paragraph of the main content unless a custom description has been add by the author. This is shown to give a preview on the main idea of the whole blogpost.

Recently blogger rolled out some updates, which includes the Introduction of Search Preference section. Search Preference Tab give room for more Advanced SEO tricks and Custromizations that can help rank higher on SERP. With the new update you can easily add a custom search description text for each blog post. It is always advised to write a SEO Optimized Search Description for each post, as this can rapidly increase the number of clicks and visits your post recieves from search results. Higher ranking and increase in website click through rate can be achieved by optimizing search description!

Today we are going to learn How to Enable Search Description on Blogger Post Section. This tutorial will also fix missing search description on the post editor on some many blogs.

How to Enable Search Description on Blogger Post Section

1. Firstly Login to the blogger dashboard, Goto settings
2. Now click on the Search Preference.
3. Just under the Meta Tags, click Edit in front of Description
4. Now Click Yes to Enable the Search Description and create a catchy Meta Description for your blog in the given space.

Your Blog Meta Description should be short and explain what your blog is about in not more than 150 characters. Here is a good place to use some important keywords you want your site to rank for, but in a well arranged manner. Always write a very catchy blog description, because this will appear as the description of your blog on search engine result pages, doing this will encourage readers to visit your website while also increasing your CTR.

5. Finally hit the Save Changes button.

Now we have successfully activated the blogger post description. Proceed to creating a new post to the blogspot search description on the right hand side of the post editor.


You should write a post summary not greater than 250 words in your search description. Make this count by writing the best description for blogger blog posts. Highlight the main points and important ideas of your post in your blog post description.

I hope this is useful......... Keep sharing..

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