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Supermedium Featured Random Responsive Blogger Template

Supermedium Featured Random Responsive Blogger Template- is another blogger template from goomsite. Supermedium featured post is adapted from previous versions of Supermedium responsive blogger templates. This specific version looks more like the previous versions focusing on the appearance of the homepage but has a little touch of beauty with the addition of some awesome features.

Supermedium Featured Random has many professional features like scrolling breaking news sticker widget added to the top of the blog to display your recent or random post, also an homepage slider which will greatly improve your traffic if you are running an entertainment blog or other news related blogs.

What makes this blogger template stands out is the addition of featured post on the front page as well as navigation tab under the footer, back to top button and many more added features. It can be said that this template is an improvement from the previous template. Below is the full features of Supermedium featured random responsive blogger template.

Features Of Supermedium Responsive Blogger Template

  1. Responsive
  2. Seo Friendly
  3. Ads Ready
  4. Breaking News
  5. 3 Columb
  6. Menu (Show/Hide)
  7. Drop Menu
  8. Header Sticky
  9. theiaStickySidebar
  10. Featured Random
  11. Load More Post
  12. Related Post
  13. Next Previous
  14. Social Share Sticky 
  15. Medi Post
  16. Footer Nav
  17. Postmeta
  18. Breadcrumbs
  19. Grid Post Label Search
  20. Grid Post Search
  21. Error Page 404
  22. Back to top
  23. Full Static Page
  24. Comment Facebook
  25. More...

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