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How to Change the Color of Website Address Bar in Mobile Browser

How to Change the Color of Site Bar Address in Mobile Browser - Ranking higher in search results is a crucial part that every blogger works on each day to achieve. It takes the application of many SEO skills to beat competitors and rank higher in search results but to keep visitors coming back, a simple, premium and yet professional design is needed. Today, I bring to you another way to beautify your blogger blog on mobile devices by changing the color of your browser address bar.

While surfing through the internet especially on a mobile device you might have seen some websites header and your browser address bar having its own different color from the default browser address bar. This mostly happens when surfing a website with Google Chrome, the address bar will sudden change from the default gray color to another color entirely. You can set your desired color of how your site address bar looks like on mobile devices. Now let's get to know how to change the color of website address bar on the mobile browser

How to Change the Color of Website Address Bar on Mobile Browser

Now let's get to know how to beautify the color of a website address bar on mobile browsers to blend with the default website color.

The main concept behind this blogger tricks is adding a color tag to the head of your website. You can choose to change this color tag to any desired color you want the address bar to inherit.

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard

2. Goto, Templates then Edit Html

3. Now in your Template Html, press Ctrl + F and search for <head> tag

4. Then copy and put the below code anywhere between <head> to </head>

<!-- Chrome, Firefox OS and Opera -->

<meta content='#131128' name='theme-color'/>

<!-- Windows Phone -->

<meta content='#131128' name='msapplication-navbutton-color'/>

Customizing the Browser Address Bar Color

- Change #131128 to your desired color or to the Dominant color of the website.

5. Finally, hit Save Template to save your blogger template and view your website on a mobile browser like Google Chrome to see the address bar color changed.

Final Words

Changing your blog address bar color on mobile browsers will improve your blog beauty and hopefully keep your visitors coming back, thereby increasing your blog visitors and traffic.

I hope you were able to change your browser address bar color successfully. If you encounter any problem with changing browser address bar color to your desired color, let me know through the comment box.

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