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About Us

Welcome to FancyBloggerTricks (FBT) : A blogger blog owned by Oyedeji Olawale, where you can learn how to start your own business and make money online and with a blog.
Fancybloggertricks formerly known as Fixmansion was born on November 2014 as a Tutorial blog. With the sole aim of covering all aspects of internet marketing, Blogging, How to make money online, Make Money Blogging, Blogger tricks, WordPress tutorials, plugins, widgets, SEO guides,Blogger Templates various types of scripts and many more.....

Fbt is not just a website, it is a community of bloggers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Webmasters, small Business Owners and the General blogsphere.

We believe growing a successful website and online business is a must for everyone under our tent. It doesn't happen overnight, but with the help of the quality tutorials we provide, everything is achievable. This is a popular blog to learn tricks on blogging and how to make money with a blog.

Are you a passionate blogger? Or you want to grow in the online world, fancybloggertricks is the right place for you. Before i started fancybloggertricks, I had just a little idea about what a blog is and how it works. Now FBT is one of the fastest growing blog in Nigeria, with an Alexa rank of 12000 in Nigeria.

Here at fancybloggertricks , I talk about everything, that I have learn with my experience.

About Me

Hey guys!! I'm Oyedeji Olawale the founder of fancybloggertricks. I'm a Blogger, Web Designer, Graphic and Logo Designer and an Engineer in Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices repair. I was born on July 17th, 1995 in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

My Blogging Career

My blogging career kick-start in 2012, when I created a multipurpose blogger blog, which covers all areas of technology and the world of entertainment. Trust me I had a little idea about what a blog is or how to design and run a successful website. Gradually I started sharing some interesting articles on tips and tricks and how-to's, I joined facebook and some forums to share my posts while I help people out too.  I was very happy when I started receiving traffic and good readership but my total earning was zero. I had no idea on how to monetize a blog.

One day I stumbled on SEO while I was surfing the web on how to make my comment box appear again. Since then I started exploring SEO and trying to improve my blog design as well. In like 3months of hard SEO work I'm able to drive a good amount of organic traffic from search engines to my blog.

Few months later I received a mail from a client for a sponsored post which I did for $15, it's very small but it was the first so I was very happy. I love sharing what I be learned from experience, so I decided to create Fancybloggertricks.

Fancybloggertricks was born in 2013 but started gaining ground on 2014. I share various articles on what I've learned and achieved with my co-bloggers. I started exploring more and more about blogging, web designing and SEO and I always share a tutorial on every successful breakthrough I had, so other could grow too.

Talking more about myself, I’m a very simple guy who lives an easygoinglife and very friendly . I love to share what I’ve learned and I appreciate it you share yours with me too. I'm always ready to learn more and more. Apart from blogging, I love reading books, watching movies and playing games . You can connect with me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Google+ or send me a mail on

We don't just give guidelines, we discuss how we have done our and how you can achieve yours to efficiently.

Are you a blogger, a developer or just have some love sharing informative knowledge on blogging and marketing? You can Join Team FBT

Contact Info

Email: fancybloggertricks@gmail(dot)Com

Stayed turned and make your blogging career and online business much more easier......
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